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New Animation: Ghosts

2013-08-24 03:57:28 by okioto

Just made a brand new animation called: Ghosts! It's a quick spoof about the new upcoming Call of Duty game.
Go check it out!

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2009-07-06 10:17:51 by okioto

Well, I finished school and I guess it's time for me to look around the cool things here in Newgrounds.

PS3 VS X360

2007-07-30 17:42:46 by okioto

The battle between Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 is on.Leave comments by saying the name of the console you want to win.The contest ends 20 august 2007.

PS3 VS X360

Spidey spot

2007-07-26 07:34:34 by okioto

ok so I was making a union at Gamespot about Spawn but cant get members.I only welcomed 4 guys but only 1 wanted to join and I need 4 guys to make a union.But now that I have to wait 30 days to make a union but who wants to join my new union at Gamespot e-mail me but you must have an account at Gamespot to join.If you are a Spider-man fan then e-mail me.

New NG stuff

2007-07-18 16:01:10 by okioto

Wow Ive been gone for 5 days and look what happend.I never fought NG could look like this so nothing new to say just happy to see the new cnanges.